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Friday Readings

written by Almad

This is part of Friday Readings series: commented readings I find worth sharing. If you want more, follow me on Pocket.


Why I No Longer Use MVC Frameworks questions the current standard of using MVC everywhere. It remains to be seen whether proposed alternative called SAM (State Action Model) will gain any traction, but I welcome the push to simplicity. Article spawned dedicated SAM page worth exploring as well. Especially for people in the functional / reactive / event sourcing camp, this may be worth modeling around.

Sandi Metz arguing about the cost of abstraction vs. duplication sounds to me like identifying Architecture Astronauts

Leadership and Company Building

Dan Luu again; Normalization of deviance in software: how broken practices become standard is basically an analysis of how company culture is engraved. I can only concur the adaptability of human mind on what "standard" is, totally not exclusive to software. When you are at that stage, fighting inertia gets really hard.

Totally don't skip linked paper The normalization of deviance in healthcare delivery from an environment where mistakes mean that people die.

The Tools Early-Stage Startups Actually Need to Understand Their Customers gives fair overview of tools that help you turn your users into customers.

World around us

Kenneth Reitz writes on his mental illness, and it's a courageous and great writeup everyone should read. Unfortunately having more than a few of people with mental health problems, I think there is a lot of need for more writeups like this one and much more awareness.

The Full History of Board Games in case you like them. Had no idea they start to get mainstream.

Published on 2016-03-04