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I'm player, creator, listener, asker and hiker.

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I picked Paver as our company's build tool, as it perfectly suited our needs. Shortly after, Kevin announced his leave and need for new project leader.

As I am using Paver extensively, I volunteered. Althrough I do not develop it as much as I'd like to, I am at least pushing bugfixes through and trying to sweep bugtracker and friends.

Project is living on github.

Django: sane testing

And because back then, doctests were the way to test, Django's test cases were flushing database after every test and core devs were firm about not having any dependency.

I like ( nose), because it provides many goodies everyone wants. Tak was set then: plugin that will integrate nose with Django and make some daily task easier.

Thus, Django: sane testing was born. I use it daily, still maintain it and hey, even write docs.

Dragon's Den community site (

In Czech Republic, Dragon's Den (Dračí Doupě) is the most popular pen-and-paper RPG. Back in 2001, I wanted to create a site where gamers should exchange their ideas and extensions.

Because static content did not fit, I had to learn server-side stuff and friends, slowly becoming nice script kiddie. And it payed off; with more then ten thousand subscribers, this page become one of the biggest page about the topic.

As I wrote it in spaghetti PHP, few years later, I also got a lifelong lesson about importance of code maintainability, real-world effects of some techniques and friends.

I no longer contribute much to the site. However, after nearly a decade, it's still operational, managed by community and lively. Even it's hopelessly outdated from technical and design perspective, I'm still kind of proud of it.


What started as a simple interface to SyncML synchronization protocol later evolved in kind-of synchronization middleware.

I worked on application core and was responsible for some technologies chosen. I also designed and coded an REST API interface for another applications; for a short time, I also done some frontend scription with YUI.

Later on, I was also responsible for planning, our CI system (based on BuildBot) and co-responsible for operations.

Application is still in development and available at


My main concerns are about those things:

  • Reporting: It's not so nice as it could be. No nice graphs for coverage and friends.
  • Repository integration: BuildBot does not really know about structure of repository and cooperate with it
  • Data and speed: Like Hudson, most data are in flat files on disc (or even worse, pickled). Thus, doing some reporting on top of it or even some work BuildBot does is not-so-fast. I'd like to use database for it.
  • Management for a lot of projects: I like modularity.

CthulhuBot comes to the rescue. Using status reporter, standard BuildBot operations are recorded in MongoDB and CthulhuBot reads from it, achieving greater speed.

Also, using plugins, You can define configurate templates, so new Buildmasters are added using few simple clicks on the webpage.

CthulhuBot is already used heavily in my work, but there are still few missing pieces, namely real-time reporting (with PuSH), better default plugins (so you can build projects more easily, integrated with virtualenv and so on) and build-in intra-projects cooperation.

Watch for 1.0, thou. Meanwhile, You can at least watch it on github.

Dragon Well (Dračí Studna)

Back in the old days when podcasting was cool, I decided I am going to do one too. It was typical case of impulsive decision: I did not know a thing about audio and editing, now owned a mic and was not sure what to talk about.

But there was a thing I liked about: interviews. It's one of the few things that I think that are better captured in podcast rather then in text.

Thus, I bought a mic and started to speak with various people from the field I know, RPG. And as always, speaking with someone who is creative and is able to get the thing done is refreshing.

Podcast is in Czech and available at